The points of


Lots of VEGGITABLES and some carbohydrates everyday, sometimes animal food.
Seasonal, local, and wholefood.

There is a reason why we have herbs or green leaves in spring.

It is the best season for both you and the nature. Their power is the biggest and you can gain them the most.

In this way, the law of nature is very simple.


One more thing, most of nutrients are contained just inside of skins of vegetables, so

you'd better take them with skins=the idea of wholefoods.

Asparagus, cabbage, greenpeas, field peas, fava beans, cerely, bamboo shoot, onion, chinese chive, butterbur, lettuce and so on...
The characteristic of the spring vegetables is green, sprout beans, soft and fresh.
And some of them have unique smell and bitter taste.
We can enjoy those characters in this season!
edamame, okura, cucunbers, tomatoes, sweet green peppers, eggplants, sweeycorns, bitter melon, garlic, ginger, zucchini and so on...
The characteristic of the summer vegetables is containing lots of water and releasing heat and cooling down your body.
They are easily cooked and softened, and have bright colors like red, green and purple.
We can enjoy them with their visual, too.
Sweet potatoes, Taroes, Shiitake mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, pampkins, chinese spinach and so on.
The characteristic of the autumn vegetables is high performance for detoxing tiredness of hot summer or unnessesary dropsy.
Mushrooms and potatoes which have a lot of dietary fiber are enjoyable with their palatable texture.


Raddish, cauliflower, burdock, crown daisy, japaniese raddish, japanese mustard spinach, spring onion, chinese cabbage, broccoli, spinach, lotus roots, yam and so on


The characteristic of the winter vegetables is to make your body warm.

They are mostly heavy and hard,  good for stews.

Also root vegetables are avarable in this season because they can be kept fresh under ground during winter. They are tend to be sweet, so we can enjoy their natural sweetness with meals.

Now, how can we choose
the staple foods???

And start living beauty TODAY