What is  "Superfoods"??


We often hear the word ”Superfoods" lately.


Do you know about "Superfoods" a lot?

How about coconut oil? what is it good for?  How about chia seeds??


Most of you may not know how they can be used for on a daily basis.


Japan Superfoods Association in which I had studied about Superfoods said:


⑴Foods that have more nutritional balance and value than general foods, or one / some part of ingridient(s) highly performanced.


⑵Foods that play roles between general foods and supplement, and have uses as both ingredients of cookings and healthy foods.

(*From: Japan Superfoods Assocition HP)


Though "Superfoods" has various possibilities, they are 'powdery', 'granulated' or 'liquefied', something like we cannot imagine their original shapes or tastes exactly.

That's why we feel defficult to use them on a daily basis.



Here "Super Beauty Recipe" suggest you a hint of using "Superfoods" with original and simple BEAUTY recipes.


They are basis on both Japanese tradditional cuisine which is perfect, well balanced for health and the idea of "Superfoods" which hollywood celebrities love for...



Then we can get more delicious, cool and beauty recipes NOW!!



”Tea" dipping sauce

150g silken(soft) tofu
1+1/2 table spoon of  miso
30g anchovy
1 tablespoon of green tea powder


Mix all ingredients by food processor until smooth.

Rice cake with coconut oil, sesame and roasted soybean flour

3 rice cakes 

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 table spoon of agave syrup

Some sesame-roasted soybean flour

⑴Panfry both side of rice cakes with coconut oil until cooked. 

⑵Dressing it with agave syrup and sesami-rosted soybean flour.

Beauty granola

1 tea spoon of chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flakes each

1 table spoon of dried blueberries

1 tea spoon of bee pollen

2 table spoons of drained yogurt

50g your favorite granola 

150ml almond milk

1-2 tea spoon of fruit vinegar

Mix all ingredients and keep in refrigeratoe for 10 min.

Healthy salade with millets

1/2cup of millet    lightly wash and boil them with a pinch of salt and coconut oil for 5 min, then drain them.

1/2 cucumber, 5-6 mini-tomatoes, 1/2 avocado  cut into 5mm each.

1 table spoon of ponzu(vinegar and soysause)

Mix ingredients above and arrange them with baby leaves on the plate.( Using round, bottomless mould might be cool!)

The recipes here are just a  part of Beauty Recipes.

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