Autumn Beauty Recipes


Autumn is the best season for detox! We have all stars of vegetables that can help to discharge body wastes or water hoarding during hot summer.

I suggest some "detox" recipes with especially for mushrooms which have a lot of dietary fiber and dried beans which are very useful when the variation of foodstuffs is less than other seasons. 

Beans and carrots glasse


1/2 carrot  cut into bite size

100g of mixed beans

1 table spoon of coconut oil

1 table spoon of maple syrup

1/4 tea spoon of salt

1 tea spoon of balsamic vinegar

Put all ingredients into the saucepan and add water just covering food, put it over mideum heat.

Turn down the heat when getting to boil, place a small lid directry on the food, and cook 20min.

Remove the lid, and check if the liquid is thick, leave them for cool, it will make it better taste.

marinated mushrooms


300g your favorite mushrooms 
1 bay leaf
1 chilli pepper
1 table spoon of olive oil

2 table spoons of sweet vinegar

1 table spoon of fermented salt

Put mushrooms to a heat resistant dish.

Put bay leaf and chilli pepper on the mushrooms, pour oil over it and mix well.


Grill in the oven 10-15min without pre-heat.


Add vinegar and fermented salt after taking it from the oven, mix well. 


Keep it in the refrigerator until serving.

Grilled pumpkins marine


200-300g pumpkins  thinly sliced

3 table spoons of olive oil


Preheat the oven 180F.


Mix above in a bowl and put them into a heat resistant dish.


grill 15-20min in the oven.


(marinade liquid)


1/2 onion  thinly sliced

10 almonds  crashed

100ml of sweet vinegar

100ml of water

1 garlic sliced

10 whole black pepper

1 bay leaf


Put all ingredients into the saucepan, put it over a midium heat until boiling.


Turn down the heat, cook 1-2min.


Pour the liquid over pumpkins and leave until cool.


You had better wait over night to enjoy it!!